...from the sanctums of metal we rise!

The very roots of our existence lie within the sanctity of Heavy Metal. The brotherhood of platinum plated steel warriors and dauntless cellar creatures. The might may be silent no more. This is our boisterous breed, our unholy tribe.

Welcome in. The journey has begun.

Not reinventing the steel, not reinventing the wheel. So what's it all about?

After decades of metal, we still feel the craving. It's the tradition, it's the hunger for new. This is what we raised ourselves doing. These are the boots we'll die on. There's no asking why. There is no option. This is what we are. No caving in, no growing up. Thou shalt All Rise!


Join the party!

We will take the stage at Jack The Rooster (Tampere) once again 6.7. It's going to be a special gig. In addition to the live show, come and hear our still upcoming EP for the first (?) time. How about a video? Are there any special guests? Well... come and see, will ya?



+358 50 527 4849 (Caven)


6.7. Jack The Rooster, Tampere
8.7. Huittinen, Keilahalli
w. Koitos
13.7. Orivesi, Pub Hopeakenkä
13.8. Orivesi, Pub Hopeakenkä (outdoor festival)
2.9 Vantaa, Bar Rock Bear
w. Celesti Alliance

Past gigs:

8.4. Jack The Rooster, TRE

5.3. Bändäri, Tampere
22.5. Varjobaari, Tampere
5.6. South Park Festival, Tampere
9.7. Jack The Rooster, Tampere
7.8. Monttu, Pori
19.9. Välibaari, Lempäälä
16.10. Kerubi, Joensuu w. Battle Beast
17.10. Logomo, Turku w. Battle Beast
23.10 Lutakko, Jyväskylä w. Battle Beast
17.12. Jack The Rooster, Tampere

Website photos:
Jukka Vahter
Toni Haapala
Miamaija Kurtakko

Jari Paanenen

- Hear the noise -

The first demo of All Rise is out now! Check the three piece out on SoundCloud, or right here below.

1. Battle Cry (Caven)
2. Never Enough (Rantanen)
3. Frozen Waters (Rantanen)

Produced by Rantanen & Caven
Mixed & mastered by Mika Isotalo
Recorded by Rantanen except
drums recorded by Jussi Kulomaa / MSTR-studio

- Meet the tribe -

Niko Rauhala

Niko Rauhala
Lead vocals

Whether it's the epic screams, devilish growls or whatnot - he delivers. A man of many metallic voices.

Vili Rantanen

Vili Rantanen
Guitars, vocals

The evil mastermind with unarming tunes as his weapons, veiling the cunning plan of world domination.


Guitars, vocals

Is it a guitarhero, is it a vocalist, is it a hit factory...? Not quite any. But meanwhile, almost all.

Marko Niemi

Tero Paavola
Bass, vocals

Swiss army knife of heavy metal. Impressive artistic bandmanship + he'll fix the amp or drive the bus. Nice.

Jari Kuokkanen

Jari Kuokkanen

Oh, the things this one-man drum carnival could do, with talent held down only by the humane brains of the others.

- RiseTube -

Written, produced & engineered

Vili Rantanen

- Gather for a feed -



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